December 3, 2023

WRC wall calendar for 2024

Photography, Motorsport

Dear followers and rally enthusiasts, buckle up for an exciting announcement! My 2024 wall calendar is now racing onto shelves! In a collaboration with Timer, Estonia’s leading calendar maker, we’ve crossed the finish line once more with a rally calendar that’s nothing short of spectacular.

This year, we’re on our seventh lap since 2017, and each page of the 2024 edition is a tribute to the heart-pounding world of WRC. From the legendary twists of Monte Carlo to the breathtaking tracks of Estonia, each image is a frozen moment of adrenaline-fueled glory, handpicked to bring the rally experience right into your home.

Witness the drama of the World Rally Championship unfold month by month, featuring all your favorite drivers and the newest crowned champions - Kalle and Jonne.

This isn’t just a calendar: it’s a journey through the year at full throttle, a visual ode to the art of rally. Ready to dive into a year of high-octane memories? Grab your copy now and celebrate the spirit of rallying with every turn of the page!

Zoom into stores across Estonia to claim your piece of rally history! And everyone else can order theirs through the following link -